Flower of Life Cards

I began creating mandalas based on the Flower of Life pattern in March of 2016, a month in which I have many loved ones with birthdays. I had so much fun drawing and coloring them that I started making them whenever I had a free moment. I soon discovered that doing this was creating a sense of peace and well-being in me that had been long missing from my life. I was struck with the question “now what shall I do with all these mandalas that I’ve made?”

I discovered that if I used a certain size of printmaking paper, that I could just fold it in half to create two pieces of the same size and each piece fit nicely onto a pre-made blank size A2 card. I first used the cards as gifts and packaged them with frames that lent themselves well to displaying the card. I then opened an Etsy shop as a way to sell the cards.

Others became interested in making the cards, so I opened a studio at which I could teach them how to do it, and feature their work, should they desire, on the Etsy shop.

Classes will soon be available at our Boise, ID studio, and also will be available online. Stay tuned for more details!