Stone Art

Kindness Rocks

Along with drawing and creating products from the Flower of Life pattern as featured on some of our other pages, I have found that painting rocks has been another very soothing activity. Here are a few examples of the rocks I have painted and gifted or hidden as a kindness project:

Glow Rocks

I’ve always been enthralled with bright colors and what the quality of fluorescence adds to a work of art. Here are some rocks that glow under black light. I hope to be adding more glow in the dark features very soon!

Sacred Stones

I am now creating art stones from gypsum cement and using the Flower of Life patterns I’ve previously done on paper to produce a stone that can be used as a centerpiece for your own personal sacred space or sanctuary. Each unique stone is poured, drawn, painted, embellished and finished by hand, and is created during a sacred meditation ritual.

Each stone measures approximately 4 inches in diameter and weighs approximately two pounds.

I am now creating Glow rocks and Sacred stones on a commission basis! Please Contact me for a quote at