Meditation Videos

It is my pleasure to create relaxing and inspiring videos featuring our Flower of Life designs. Click on the links to view.

Theta wave (7 Hz) Binaural Beats Meditation

This Theta wave (7 Hz) binaural beats meditation was created using original hand-drawn and embellished Flower of Life designs, each one created while doing a Loving-Kindness meditation during a Reiki session.

Theta binaural beats have been shown to have many positive effects, including

-Stress relief

-Increased creativity

-Body healing and rejuvenation

-Lucid dreaming

-Increased mental clarity

-Improved relationships

-Tapping into the subconscious mind

-Improved sleep

Listen while using headphones for best effect, and don’t worry if you can’t keep your eyes open! The Flower of Life visuals will have a positive effect on you even with your eyes closed